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1st-Feb-2027 06:11 pm - 2010 Thread Log
always been the tower
Current Characters:
Turnbull | Pell | Yuki | Peppo | Warren | Elphie | Mason | Wataru | Zeta | Kayashima | Ryuichi | Ken | Harry | Steve | Tallahassee


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30th-Jul-2020 10:00 am - [crit and plot go here]
needed this, mmm nicotine
Obligatory, "got something to say?" post. Contact info is here.

List of notable entries and such on Pell's journal.

My take on Pellaz
Pell in the future

Permissions Meme
Icon Meme
The people in my icons
About Pell's username
Relationship/Essay Meme
Comment Count Meme
Another Icon Meme!
7th-Sep-2015 04:58 pm - Contact/Player Info Post!
in here, all you need to know, attentive
Name: Ana / anatari

Current Characters: Pellaz pellameno, Turnbull when_in_canada, Yuki Eiri write_it_in, Peppo cest_untrap, Warren ahotpeace, Elphaba hopeforstirring, Mason 12stepstoohigh, Zeta stayinthecar, Kayashima auragasm, Ryuichi bunnypopsuu, Hidaka Ken konekonoclaw, Harry Dresden semiautomagick, Steve faileh, and Terry my_name_now.

Previous Characters: Ken hidaka_ken, Terry my_name_now, Kurt bumpetysplat, Wataru bakubakubaku, Tallahassee ortwinkieup.

There are concrit/plotting posts up at each of my character's journals, along with indexes for important posts in their journals.

Update: In 2008 I began making Thread Log posts, which can be found at the top of their journals. Threads PRIOR TO 2008 can be found in my characters' memories. If a character was dropped prior to 2008, their threads are EXCLUSIVELY in memories. As of 2009 I have stopped adding threads to memories and will be logging USING LOG POSTS ONLY.

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2nd-Nov-2011 08:02 am(no subject)
of others worthwhile

old and new: turnbull pell eiri peppo zeta taiki ryuichi steve]
25th-Aug-2011 12:13 pm(no subject)
of others worthwhile
[this is a catch all fourth-wall post because there was a hurricane and people were on vacation and i didn't get to do stuff and i am self-indulgent. so there. deal with it.]
4th-Aug-2011 03:21 pm(no subject)
what are you smoking?
Just tossing up an apology for dropping threads and not being around... at all... these past few days. Life kind of spiraled into complete madness. I hope to be able to play again this weekend, and will pick up dropped threads for anyone who doesn't mind super late tags.

Sorry guys. ;o;
20th-Mar-2011 05:12 am(no subject)
of others worthwhile
This isn't important enough for CFO, but I'm going to go ahead and hiatus... about half my lineup. Between accounts expiring and not feeling well, I'm not playing much. And I've got some overnights coming up soon, anyway. Perhaps if I focus on the playable characters, I'll snap out of this funk? That's Pell, Eiri, Turnbull, Taiki, Zeta, and Steve, for the record, if anyone wants to thread with them.

Eiri's counselees! I haven't heard from any of you despite tagging, but notifs have been down, so... if you want counseling--!
16th-Feb-2011 04:39 pm - ic; v-day stuff
blank as fuck
[all derpy/awkward/adorable valentine's antics go here.]
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