Pellaz (pellameno) wrote,

Contact/Player Info Post!

Name: Ana / anatari

Current Characters: Pellaz pellameno, Turnbull when_in_canada, Yuki Eiri write_it_in, Peppo cest_untrap, Warren ahotpeace, Elphaba hopeforstirring, Mason 12stepstoohigh, Zeta stayinthecar, Kayashima auragasm, Ryuichi bunnypopsuu, Hidaka Ken konekonoclaw, Harry Dresden semiautomagick, Steve faileh, and Terry my_name_now.

Previous Characters: Ken hidaka_ken, Terry my_name_now, Kurt bumpetysplat, Wataru bakubakubaku, Tallahassee ortwinkieup.

There are concrit/plotting posts up at each of my character's journals, along with indexes for important posts in their journals.

Update: In 2008 I began making Thread Log posts, which can be found at the top of their journals. Threads PRIOR TO 2008 can be found in my characters' memories. If a character was dropped prior to 2008, their threads are EXCLUSIVELY in memories. As of 2009 I have stopped adding threads to memories and will be logging USING LOG POSTS ONLY.

E-mail: pellameno (at)
Gmail chat: pellameno (at)

If you're in a rush to contact me, you can ping the Kentity in IRC--all of them have my cell number. Typically someone will be happy to text me. Alternate methods of contact include smoke signals, carrier pigeon, and the twilight bark. If I go missing, contact alioth or takeme2urpants.

Time zone: EST, also known as -5 for those of you who like math.

Availability: I'm a med student and medical assistant. Uh. Yeah. I think that's all I need to say about that. >_>

Betaing: I only offer to beta for canons I know, but if you ask you shall receive.

AUing: I love AUing, but only if our characters already have a relationship where AUing would make sense.

Pimping: I have the entirety of all of my canons, both past and present, on my computer, so if you're interested, hit me up.

Past/Present Canon List: Weiss Kreuz, Batman Beyond, Due South, Wraeththu, X-Men Evolution, Gravitation, Gankutsuou, Sky High, Wicked, Dead Like Me, Kamen Rider Kiva, The Zeta Project, Hanazakari no Kimitachi e, The Dresden Files, Resident Evil, Zombieland.

Other: For anyone who might not know, I organize and host most of the New York area meetups. So if you're going to be in our neck of the northeast and want to do something or meet up with other CFUDers, LET ME KNOW! We're a very friendly bunch.
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